What is Parkinson’s Disease and Can it be treated?

A worrying statistic was released by the Parkinson’s Foundation recently. According to the organization, nearly one million people in the US are going to develop Parkinson’s disease by 2020.

This combined number is higher than that of those diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s Disease, muscular dystrophy, and multiple scoliosis. What’s worse, it’s increasing by 6,000 each year.

Yet, despite a large portion of the population living with this condition, a lot of us aren’t aware of what the root cause of the disease is, why it happens, or whether it’s hereditary or not.

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Understanding Parkinson’s Disease

A disorder of the nervous system, Parkinson’s disease is a progressive disease which causes brain cells to progressively die. Typically seen a slight tremor in one’s limbs at first, the disease can cause a number of other symptoms over time, such as well as slowness and stiffness in one’s limbs. Eventually, these symptoms worsen until the person can’t function effectively.

The patient’s facial muscles become a lot less responsive and any instinctive behavior does not come as normally as it should. For example, the person will not be able to swing their arms as one does when they walk. Their speech also becomes slow and slurred. In the coming years, the patient’s health will deteriorate to the point that they’ll be unable to live without assistance.

Causes of Parkinson’s Disease

The condition occurs when neurons in the brain start breaking down. This causes vital cell death. The cells in question in this case are responsible for producing dopamine, which is a necessary chemical that helps the brain control coordination and movement. The faster the cell death, the worse the patient’s symptoms will be.

Although we know the ‘what’ of Parkinson’s disease, researchers still have not been able to narrow down ‘why’ it occurs.

Some studies suggest that environmental factors might be to blame. Others suggest genetic factors and even one’s diet and exposure to certain metals and pesticides.

Can it Be Treated?

Parkinson’s disease cannot be cured; but it can be treated.

Doctors may recommend medication therapy or even surgery, which can help the patient live an active life for years and even decades. However, once their condition starts getting serious, they will require assistance.

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